Klein Blue

Klein Blue, or better, International Klein Blue was developed by the French artist Yves Klein to have the same color brightness and intensity as dry pigments. Here’s a view of one of his exhibitions, with some of his monochrome works: (Yves Klein, installation view of Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers. ©2010 Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture … Continue reading

the book on that dog

Once there was a girl who had a dog she loved more than anything. The girl had many adventures with her dog and she decided to open a blog about her. She also opened her own blog and made many, many friends. She then asked her  friends to paint a picture of the dog and … Continue reading

Christmas is for reading

I heard this on the radio this weekend and remenbered the post I was wanting to write on small publishers could really be handy this time of year. Even being one of those persons who is always connected, there are few thing I love more buying than books. Specially the really beautifully edited. And on … Continue reading

the photographs of Frida Khalo

It was this summer, while reading the wonderful “Viva México” by Alexandra Lucas Coelho, that I first find out about this exhibition (initially in Casa Azul, Mexico DF) and its respective book. Turns out, that Frida’s private collection of photographs was trusted by her husband, Diego Rivera, to a close friend, in order for them … Continue reading

Tangerines in an iceberg

One of my all time favourite galeries, Dama Aflita is showing the artwork related to the books of the amazing portuguese children’s publisher, Planeta Tangerina. In “3 ilustradores em cima de um icebergue” (3 illustrators on top of an iceberg), they showcase  the work of three illustrators around 3 different books (one already published, another to be … Continue reading

Tidying up

So lately that’s what I’ve been doing. The work from Ursus Wehrli just made me laugh. You can purchase Ursus’ books from his editor’s website (which would be so much nicer if it had an english version. ahem.) Via This isn’t happiness, images from Creative Journal.


Fashion designer and researcher Suzanne Lee has come up with BioCouture – a biological way to grow your own clothes. Certain bacteria will spin microfibrils of pure cellulose during fermentation which form a dense layer that can be harvested and dried. So, adding green tea, sugar and the right bacteria, she obtains a bio-fabric that can be … Continue reading

la rencontre avec soi même

The history of a genius. And also… a love story. YSL also published a comic book, in 1967, La vilaine Lulu . All in black, red and white, and so sarcastic, mean, terrible….. one of my best founds last year!