Tangerines in an iceberg

One of my all time favourite galeries, Dama Aflita is showing the artwork related to the books of the amazing portuguese children’s publisher, Planeta Tangerina.

In “3 ilustradores em cima de um icebergue” (3 illustrators on top of an iceberg), they showcase  the work of three illustrators around 3 different books (one already published, another to be released, another will come to light later.) – all the processes and ideas that go around a finished book.

Dama Aflita is an illustration gallery  in Oporto, Portugal, and is definitely worth visiting. They share walls with a record store and a design  studio.

Planeta Tangerina is one of my all time favourite portuguese things ever. They have gorgeous, simple, fun and moving children books with such amazing illustrations, it’s impossible not to love them.

They also edit a lovely agenda each year. The site is only in portuguese, but  worth visiting.

By the way, some of their books are already translated!


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