Fashion designer and researcher Suzanne Lee has come up with BioCouture – a biological way to grow your own clothes.

Certain bacteria will spin microfibrils of pure cellulose during fermentation which form a dense layer that can be harvested and dried.

So, adding green tea, sugar and the right bacteria, she obtains a bio-fabric that can be directly  molded onto a 3D form, or dried flat and then cut and sew it into a garment.

BioCouture thus comes as a new eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the fashion industry.

This concept/project originated during the research for the book Fashioning 

The Future: Tomorrowʼs Wardrobe, which has definitely been added to my ever-growing book wishlist.

Suzanne’s pieces can be seen until the end of June in London and Hasselt (Belgium) – both amazing exhibitions.

(via FashionFreax)

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