Klein Blue

Klein Blue, or better, International Klein Blue was developed by the French artist Yves Klein to have the same color brightness and intensity as dry pigments.
Here’s a view of one of his exhibitions, with some of his monochrome works:
(Yves Klein, installation view of Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers. ©2010 Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. © Artists Rights Society, New York/ADAGP, Paris. Photo by Lee Stalsworth, via the Art Section)
If you are curious about his work, see this great Flickriver group.
So, few weeks ago, I noticed how there was a blue trend on my Pinterest finds. Then, as I was choosing the images for the Fall 2012 posts, I realized this is one of the big trends for next Fall (also a bit this Summer), so I thought it would be nice to make another color themed post.
The Inhabited Painting series by the portuguese Helena Almeida:

A tape painting by Kees Goudzwaard:

Two great ceramic brands, the linen textured Elephant Ceramics and  jewelry from Golden Ink :
Another ceramic company, the Swedish Rörstrand:
Jaime Hayon‘s collection for Kutani Choemon:
Fun and quirky kites by Daniel Frost:
Beautiful wallpaper by Famillie Summerbelle:
And some books by their cover:
On top,  pitchers by Stefaniu Vasques for Diamantini & Domeniconi.

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