Christmas is for reading

I heard this on the radio this weekend and remenbered the post I was wanting to write on small publishers could really be handy this time of year. Even being one of those persons who is always connected, there are few thing I love more buying than books. Specially the really beautifully edited. And on … Continue reading

Magazine junkie II

Here I am again talking about my favorite addiction. Not my fault really, great magazines seem to pop all over lately – pretty much against all expectations of the digital gurus who predict paper printing will disappear soon. Hummm… I don’t think they read the same internet sources as me. A couple of weeks ago, … Continue reading

Music documentary fever

For some people, music is just a noise in the background. For others, it marks every moment of the day, every memory of their lives. For those people, watching a music documentary can be breathtaking.     Starting today and until Nov 6th,  I’ll have a music documentary overdose with In-Edit Beefeater. Here you can … Continue reading

the season of shoes

So the grey rainy days finnally came and… well, something positive has to come of it. This month, on October 4th, the lucky ones living in France could watch “God save my Shoes” on Canal Plus (TV France). The documentary is about the relationship between women and shoes, analyzing its psychological, sociological, historical, cultural, and erotic perspectives. … Continue reading

I ♥ vacations

In Spain, the ad for the national beer Estrella Damm is already a symbol of Summer. This year it was directed by the amazing Isabel Coixet and filmed in El Bulli.        

made in Andalucía

My lovely and talented friend Rosa Granados just opened an etsy store with her original drawings. Find out what happens when hot spanish blood mixes with Amsterdam’s rainy and exciting scene.

Balenciaga Museoa

Today opens the Balenciaga Museum in  Getaria (Spain). Cristóbal Balenciaga (1895-1972) was one of the most important “arquitects” of fashion of the first half of the 20th century. A purist of the classic techniques, always inspired by the great spanish paintors and the spanish traditions and colours, retired when the ready-to-wear fashion was established in the … Continue reading