the season of shoes

So the grey rainy days finnally came and… well, something positive has to come of it.

This month, on October 4th, the lucky ones living in France could watch “God save my Shoes” on Canal Plus (TV France). The documentary is about the relationship between women and shoes, analyzing its psychological, sociological, historical, cultural, and erotic perspectives.

It is now touring on several film festivals…. hopefully soon in a theater or tv!

2011 is also the  year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Vivienne Westwood in the fashion industry. The festivities included an itinerant exhibition, “Vivienne Westwood Shoes: An Exhibition 1973 – 2011”.

Last week it arrived to Shangai, on the same week of  the official opening of the Vivienne Westwood Grand Gateway Shanghai store. She was also the main guest at the Shangai Fashion week.

It can still be seen in New York and Los Angeles at the beginning of 2012.

Now… coming back to this season….. really… the star accessory are definitely those amazing colorful glittering ankle boots from Miu Miu. Impossible not to be obsessed with them.

I must confess the positive side of cold weather for me is that I get to use boots again.

I was mesmerized when I saw the new Camper together , this time in collaboration with Bernard Wilhelm.



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