Magazine junkie II

Here I am again talking about my favorite addiction.

Not my fault really, great magazines seem to pop all over lately – pretty much against all expectations of the digital gurus who predict paper printing will disappear soon. Hummm… I don’t think they read the same internet sources as me.

A couple of weeks ago, I finnaly got my hands on the Gentlewoman.

I thought it would be good. It’s much better.

Wonderful simple writing, amazing black and white images (mostly), focusing on the real, the detail, the beauty.

Plain good storytelling, on the life of real women.

On the same magazine stand, I saw Bon.

I had bought it exactly a year ago and wondered why it had vanished. It hadn’t – the international version is biannual (the original swedish one is quarterly).

The sumptuous editorials and the intelligent, fresh prespectives on fashion journalism (it includes a seasonal fashion roundtable) are appealing enough, but  but I must admit I was taken by their huge and surprising Art section.

They only have a swedish web page but the last international A/W edition comes in a special hardcover edition.

Coincidently (or not), a month ago I attended to a nice event in one of my favorite places here in Barcelona, cafe Federal. It was the very first Tinta de la Casa, “a quarterly themed exhibition of independent magazines from around the world”.

Selecting a couple, one that I already knew, apartamento (spanish actually, and billingual) and another one that seemed to know me already, Oh Comely.

The first one, Apartamento, is “an every day life interiors magazine”, on “spaces made from living, not decorating”. Pocket size, lots of reading, twice a year.

The second one, Oh Comely, is described as “having a nice conversation with your neighbour and a cup of tea”. There.

(all images are linked to their original source, the ones from apartamento are from the magazine’s web page)

One Response to “Magazine junkie II”
  1. Andre Marça says:

    I Didn’t know “Apartamento”. It’s a really nice concept. Truth is that i spend hours taking pictures of our house and it is always so packed full of stuff!

    Love the blog! ** 🙂

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