Christmas is for reading

I heard this on the radio this weekend and remenbered the post I was wanting to write on small publishers could really be handy this time of year.

Even being one of those persons who is always connected, there are few thing I love more buying than books. Specially the really beautifully edited. And on these times of generalized crisis, I really admire the small publishers who still make amazing books.

In Portugal, my favorite ones are Tinta da China and Planeta Tangerina.

The first one swept me out by their collection of Travel Literature with gorgeous colorful volumes in hardcovers. A great book design in the oasis of the portuguese market (I am a book-by-its-cover gal. I stopped apologizing for that now. I just like to look at nice things).

They have a big catalogue now, and still surprise me with the nice collections they launch.

Planeta Tangerina is a publisher of children’s books that I’m totally in love with. The illustrations are very graphic and maybe the stories appeal to adults as they do to children.

In Spain, and actually from Barcelona, we have Blackie Books.

I first notice them when I saw the spanish version of “Things the grandchildren should know” by Mark Oliver Everett, with an illustration by Geninne D. Zlatkis on the cover.

Then last year I saw the “BlackieBOX” together with the whole collection on display and became an unconditional fan since then.

What about you, do you have any favorite small publishers?

(top image from the amazing Bookshelf porn)

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