right now

So again… it’s been a while since I’ve last been here. London’s hectic pace has had me twitching around other projects and it takes a while to settle down. Last week I finally got a wonderful new table and it seems I’m more me again (or a tiny bit more at home anyway). I’ve been … Continue reading


Lately on my Pinterest…. things in yellow:   Necklaces by unknown brand  , dot cup by Camilla Engdahl, beautifully wrapped presents by  Leslie Shewring and amazing shoes from Schutz.   Repurposed toy planter by the Plaid Pigeon. Ceramic pig planter by  Fruitfly Pie ceramics (yes, I’ve been slightly obsessed with cute containers for tiny plants), ice cream cupcakes by Martha Stewart, … Continue reading

black & white

Lately I’ve been having fun in Pinterest. I obviously missed saving favorite found objects neatly organized into lists. I then spotted some trends in it – pillows, ceramics or cakes. My favorite one was black and white. Photo by Andrea Galvani. Printed scarf by U-ni-ty, collar by Reaction Poetique  and bags by Red Flag Design. Head sculpture … Continue reading

the book on that dog

Once there was a girl who had a dog she loved more than anything. The girl had many adventures with her dog and she decided to open a blog about her. She also opened her own blog and made many, many friends. She then asked her  friends to paint a picture of the dog and … Continue reading

Deanna Staffo

This week, through the amazing blog Where the Lovely Things Are, I found the work of Deanna Staffo. My House is Your House  series might be my favorite one, they all make me feel home. The last one actually reminds me of the Grey Gardens… She also makes nice fashion illustration, including her own outfits:

Tangerines in an iceberg

One of my all time favourite galeries, Dama Aflita is showing the artwork related to the books of the amazing portuguese children’s publisher, Planeta Tangerina. In “3 ilustradores em cima de um icebergue” (3 illustrators on top of an iceberg), they showcase  the work of three illustrators around 3 different books (one already published, another to be … Continue reading