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right now

So again… it’s been a while since I’ve last been here. London’s hectic pace has had me twitching around other projects and it takes a while to settle down. Last week I finally got a wonderful new table and it seems I’m more me again (or a tiny bit more at home anyway). I’ve been … Continue reading

… I’m back!!

The very long blog vacations are over… at last! I needed some extra time for some personal projects but I’m back with extra energy! In the meanwhile, I did some micro-blogging through twitter, and I thought I should post some of my favorite tweets in the past months…. The brilliant work of Shahir Zag. The … Continue reading

Friday I’m in love: Humanoid

Just discovered a beautiful fashion brand and I’m absolutely mesmerized by everything they have… knits, cottons, shoes, purses…. Humanoid was founded in 1981 by Sandra Harmsen and Hans Boelens in Arnhem (Netherlands). Their products still reflect a bit of that 80’s look, in a kind of Comme des Garçons arrive to Paris feel, but enhancing … Continue reading

Anne Ten Donkelaar

Anne Ten Donkelaar is from Ultrech in the Netherlands and makes beautiful compositions of pressed and printed flowers. When I first saw her pieces I even thought how nice it would be to have a bigger house so I could look at one of those framed flowers every time I got home! With her Flower … Continue reading

Klein Blue

Klein Blue, or better, International Klein Blue was developed by the French artist Yves Klein to have the same color brightness and intensity as dry pigments. Here’s a view of one of his exhibitions, with some of his monochrome works: (Yves Klein, installation view of Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers. ©2010 Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture … Continue reading

subtlety strange Colönia

The last time I went to Portugal, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the most intriguing, exciting portuguese projects, Colönia. The  3 in 1 Design Studio,  Store, and  Micro-gallery owned by Joana Machado and João Cruz curates unusual objects, clothes, books and magazines, and introduces a new and innovating approach of design and communication … Continue reading

Fall 2012: Portugal III

  Susana Bettencourt   Cláudia Garrido   LiV by Fernando Lopes e Hugo Veiga   Alves/Gonçalves   Fátima Lopes   Andreia Lexim   Hugo Costa   Diana Matias   Teresa Abrunhosa   Meam by Ricardo Preto   Images from Vogue, Portugal Fashion and ViewFashionBook. If you click on the names, there’s a link to each … Continue reading

Junko Oki

I have this blog a bit abandoned…. Have a couple more posts lined up on portuguese fashion and… something new! But these days I’ve been out of the internet/computer as much as I can. Creating and researching on textiles and embroidery techniques. Oh, and enjoying the sunny Spring days. So today I decided to share … Continue reading

Fall 2012: Portugal II

Maria Gambina Ricardo Dourado Valentim Quaresma White Tent Say My Name Piotr Drzal Ricardo Andrez Ricardo Preto Nuno Gama All images from Vogue.pt , top image by Sal Nunkachov . (clicking on the names, the link to each designer’s website)

Fall 2012: Portugal I

Alexandra Moura Os Burgeses Daniel Dinis Pedro Pedro Filipe Faísca V!tor Nuno Baltazar All images from Vogue.pt . Beautiful top image by Sal Nunkachov .