right now

So again… it’s been a while since I’ve last been here. London’s hectic pace has had me twitching around other projects and it takes a while to settle down. Last week I finally got a wonderful new table and it seems I’m more me again (or a tiny bit more at home anyway). I’ve been … Continue reading

Magazine junkie II

Here I am again talking about my favorite addiction. Not my fault really, great magazines seem to pop all over lately – pretty much against all expectations of the digital gurus who predict paper printing will disappear soon. Hummm… I don’t think they read the same internet sources as me. A couple of weeks ago, … Continue reading

Magazine junkie

On my latest visit to Amsterdam, I found myself drooling over Flow magazine… again. It might be a driver to start taking dutch classes. What a pity it’s not translated yet! Not many magazines like that here in Europe…. I was pretty happy though, getting the latest issue of Uppercase, I would say my favourite … Continue reading