subtlety strange Colönia

The last time I went to Portugal, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the most intriguing, exciting portuguese projects, Colönia. The  3 in 1 Design Studio,  Store, and  Micro-gallery owned by Joana Machado and João Cruz curates unusual objects, clothes, books and magazines, and introduces a new and innovating approach of design and communication … Continue reading

Fall 2012: Portugal III

  Susana Bettencourt   Cláudia Garrido   LiV by Fernando Lopes e Hugo Veiga   Alves/Gonçalves   Fátima Lopes   Andreia Lexim   Hugo Costa   Diana Matias   Teresa Abrunhosa   Meam by Ricardo Preto   Images from Vogue, Portugal Fashion and ViewFashionBook. If you click on the names, there’s a link to each … Continue reading

Fall 2012: Portugal II

Maria Gambina Ricardo Dourado Valentim Quaresma White Tent Say My Name Piotr Drzal Ricardo Andrez Ricardo Preto Nuno Gama All images from , top image by Sal Nunkachov . (clicking on the names, the link to each designer’s website)

Fall 2012: Portugal I

Alexandra Moura Os Burgeses Daniel Dinis Pedro Pedro Filipe Faísca V!tor Nuno Baltazar All images from . Beautiful top image by Sal Nunkachov .

Birds are Indie

My hometown it’s really small but lots of creative people live there. Birds are Indie are Joana Corker and Ricardo Jerónimo who not long ago “bought a cheap glockenspiel and a new shaker. We found a melodica from Joana’s childhood. We tried to play a drone on an old violin and managed to play four … Continue reading

Fernando Brízio

Last September I had the pleasure to visit Experimenta Design, Lisbon’s  biennale dedicated to design, architecture and contemporary creativity. I loved to see “Fernando Brízio: Inhabited Designs”,  the first retrospective of one of the most important portuguese contemporary designers. Fernando Brízio‘s work focus on the  relationship between object and user, always with a sense of humor. He creates multi-dimensional … Continue reading

Christmas is for reading

I heard this on the radio this weekend and remenbered the post I was wanting to write on small publishers could really be handy this time of year. Even being one of those persons who is always connected, there are few thing I love more buying than books. Specially the really beautifully edited. And on … Continue reading

Tangerines in an iceberg

One of my all time favourite galeries, Dama Aflita is showing the artwork related to the books of the amazing portuguese children’s publisher, Planeta Tangerina. In “3 ilustradores em cima de um icebergue” (3 illustrators on top of an iceberg), they showcase  the work of three illustrators around 3 different books (one already published, another to be … Continue reading

cheer me up stuff

Today, another of my super-talented-friends: Susana Carvalho, the girl behind The Mesh. Amazing colorfully happy accessories to cheer up any rainy day. The  Mesh recriates Portuguese thecnics in contemporary pieces with singular mood, favorite colors and personal vices. During the day, she is an architect – check out Neonzeroseis.