Fernando Brízio

Last September I had the pleasure to visit Experimenta Design, Lisbon’s  biennale dedicated to design, architecture and contemporary creativity. I loved to see “Fernando Brízio: Inhabited Designs”,  the first retrospective of one of the most important portuguese contemporary designers.

Fernando Brízio‘s work focus on the  relationship between object and user, always with a sense of humor. He creates multi-dimensional projects that evoke several functions and readings.

His objects are conceived as “support media for relationships”, where objects and users explore contexts beyond their initial (or obvious) phisical and utilitary function, enhancing their cumulative value and meaning.

It was very interesting to see Salomé Lamas’s documentary videos on several aspects of his work. Specially the one, where he spoke about the beginning of his career, when in Portugal you didn’t exactly knew about product designers.

Fernando Brizio’s dialogue with several kinds of materials reveals a huge, unexplored potential for portuguese design production. Some of his works are available in Droog Design.

I hope to see from now on, his design more publicized and maybe, in the near future a book or even a documentary …


One of his most well-knowned projects, the renewable dresses:


Photos by David Pereira (except the second one).

The top photo is Fernando Brizio’s contribution to a series made in commemoration of the 125th anniversary of another great portuguese designer and ceramist, Bordallo Pinheiro.


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