Birds are Indie

My hometown it’s really small but lots of creative people live there.

Birds are Indie are Joana Corker and Ricardo Jerónimo who not long ago “bought a cheap glockenspiel and a new shaker. We found a melodica from Joana’s childhood. We tried to play a drone on an old violin and managed to play four chords on an even older piano. We spent endless time listening to three crickets.”


And as you know, every good story it’s a love story.



After 2 EPs edited by MIMI Records (another cool project from Coimbra!), they just launched their first album, How Music fits our Silence.

The first EPs, Love Birds, Hate Polen and  Life is Long can be downloaded here. Or you can try to purchase one of the limited edition of 50 tapes (yes, t-a-p-e-s) for both:

This Christmas they came out with another EP, Ok it’s Christmas… (limited edition of 100):


I hope you are in love already.



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