right now

So again… it’s been a while since I’ve last been here. London’s hectic pace has had me twitching around other projects and it takes a while to settle down. Last week I finally got a wonderful new table and it seems I’m more me again (or a tiny bit more at home anyway). I’ve been … Continue reading

… I’m back!!

The very long blog vacations are over… at last! I needed some extra time for some personal projects but I’m back with extra energy! In the meanwhile, I did some micro-blogging through twitter, and I thought I should post some of my favorite tweets in the past months…. The brilliant work of Shahir Zag. The … Continue reading

Klein Blue

Klein Blue, or better, International Klein Blue was developed by the French artist Yves Klein to have the same color brightness and intensity as dry pigments. Here’s a view of one of his exhibitions, with some of his monochrome works: (Yves Klein, installation view of Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers. ©2010 Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture … Continue reading

subtlety strange Colönia

The last time I went to Portugal, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the most intriguing, exciting portuguese projects, Colönia. The  3 in 1 Design Studio,  Store, and  Micro-gallery owned by Joana Machado and João Cruz curates unusual objects, clothes, books and magazines, and introduces a new and innovating approach of design and communication … Continue reading


Lately on my Pinterest…. things in yellow:   Necklaces by unknown brand  , dot cup by Camilla Engdahl, beautifully wrapped presents by  Leslie Shewring and amazing shoes from Schutz.   Repurposed toy planter by the Plaid Pigeon. Ceramic pig planter by  Fruitfly Pie ceramics (yes, I’ve been slightly obsessed with cute containers for tiny plants), ice cream cupcakes by Martha Stewart, … Continue reading

Fernando Brízio

Last September I had the pleasure to visit Experimenta Design, Lisbon’s  biennale dedicated to design, architecture and contemporary creativity. I loved to see “Fernando Brízio: Inhabited Designs”,  the first retrospective of one of the most important portuguese contemporary designers. Fernando Brízio‘s work focus on the  relationship between object and user, always with a sense of humor. He creates multi-dimensional … Continue reading

Christmas is for reading

I heard this on the radio this weekend and remenbered the post I was wanting to write on small publishers could really be handy this time of year. Even being one of those persons who is always connected, there are few thing I love more buying than books. Specially the really beautifully edited. And on … Continue reading

where cross-stitch is cool

Yes yes yes! Finnally, the most exciting craft event came across the ocean and it’s this weekend in London… the Renegade Craft Fair!! I’m so thrilled with excitement that I nearly forget I’m a few countries away…. hopefully there will be more to come. For those of you who never heard about the Renegade Craft … Continue reading

Hermès I love you

Yes, Hermès has a fantastic new collection in the stores. I mean. The hats,  the tiny leather accessories. But it’s brands like these that allow us, the common people, to get a little magic in our non-luxurious lifes. Hermès just invited Sara Illenberger to decorate their windows in Berlin’s KaDeWe department store. Maybe you are … Continue reading

I didn’t see it coming

… summer in Barcelona and it’s hot slow pace… friends coming to visit, festivals happening, more and more parties.. and the beach. So… this means less blog posts than planned (I could have seen it coming…). But this week I found a very nice designer, Lesley Barnes. She is an animator/illustrator from Scotland who likes … Continue reading