the photographs of Frida Khalo

It was this summer, while reading the wonderful “Viva México” by Alexandra Lucas Coelho, that I first find out about this exhibition (initially in Casa Azul, Mexico DF) and its respective book.

Turns out, that Frida’s private collection of photographs was trusted by her husband, Diego Rivera, to a close friend, in order for them to be unseen for 15 years. In the meantime, 50 years have passed.

And now, from tomorrow, we will be able to see them in… Lisbon! Not all, but just a small sample, so we can keep savoring those treasures in years to come.


The most important part of these photographs is realizing the influence her father’s work had in Frida’s own.

It is also astonishing to observe the richness of her artistic surroundings. Among her friends and acquaintances were Trotsky,  Isamu Noguchi, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Brassaï, Gisèle Freund or Henry Ford.


You have now an excelent pretext to visit Lisbon (Museu da Cidade, Pavilhão Preto) until January 29th!

(unlinked photos from amazon, top pic from here)



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