right now

So again… it’s been a while since I’ve last been here.

London’s hectic pace has had me twitching around other projects and it takes a while to settle down. Last week I finally got a wonderful new table and it seems I’m more me again (or a tiny bit more at home anyway).

I’ve been splurging in a whole bunch of mags, and today just got the amazing Flow International (I’ve talked about it before)… can’t believe I can actually read it in English!


Others, I have them for a couple of months but are still in my reading pile…. to enjoy page by page…

I’ve been doing some crochet…


For the first time, got my new moleskine diary on time…

moleskine and postcard

Also tried successfully my first fair isle pattern and got myself a very useful and warm beanie (Sugar Moon in Ravelry).

sugar moon hat

On the mail I got the most expected order…… the Posticks!!


A wonderful project by my very talented friend Tatjana Buisson, adhesive postcard labels, sponsered by Kickstarter backers.  Me being a huge fan of Snail Mail, am sooo proud and have to leave one of her adorable short films made for the project:

If the idea of converting e-ve-ry-thing into a postcard isn’t tempting enough… Check out her Postcard Happiness website and be inspired!

(you can buy Posticks here – hello european retailers…. contact Tatjana!)

Beau HommeThen a project I’ve been collaborating with…. Beau Homme. The impeccable menswear label’s website includes an online magazine, ISM, and very soon an online store.


Last but not the least…. Some nice things I’ve been doing around London… Attending the Monocle Christmas Fair (with true reindeers!), bumping into Jimbobart‘s store (the man obsessed with bears – hello Xmas wishlist!) in Columbia Road… and doing some crafty stuff with paper!


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