Anne Ten Donkelaar

Anne Ten Donkelaar is from Ultrech in the Netherlands and makes beautiful compositions of pressed and printed flowers.

When I first saw her pieces I even thought how nice it would be to have a bigger house so I could look at one of those framed flowers every time I got home!

With her Flower constructions, she meant to create an imaginary herbarium of flowers.


Being fascinated by fragile things, she manages to see new worlds in every tiny piece of material she collects. In her Broken Butterfly series, where she again reflects her Darwinian skills of collecting and organizing, she defies evolution/Nature by creating new specimens in a mix of what they were and of the stories they tell.

I was also very intrigued by her previous works from 2007, Travels – illustrations of travel translated into an atlas and jewels. I wonder what details and stories are hidden behind those threads and stitches…


Recently, she created a brand of lovely handmade accessories, Miauski:

(photo via Bloesem)


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