Some notes on cute

Kawaii, the most japanese adjective, cute.

The irresistible atraction by all things small. By the tiny details.

Well, that’s me.

That’s also the reason why ever since I read the interview about Olivia Kim’s wardrobe, and was astonished with a lovely retro bag she had, I’ve been wanting to write about the wonderful work of Olympia Le-Tan .

She makes these embroidered handmade clutches, handbags and travel bags… inspired by vintage books. Oh.. and hair accessories too.

Not that much writing is necessary, it’s just… kawaii.

(all photos are from Olympia’s tumblr. She’s a big Totoro fan. I think we should be friends. Or pen pals.)

So, this time she, Spike Jonze (another cuteness expert – check out the blog his team from “Where the wild things are” put together) and Simon Cahn joined minds (or hands) to make this adorable  short film:


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