Magazine junkie

On my latest visit to Amsterdam, I found myself drooling over Flow magazine… again. It might be a driver to start taking dutch classes.

What a pity it’s not translated yet! Not many magazines like that here in Europe….

I was pretty happy though, getting the latest issue of Uppercase, I would say my favourite mag these days. For some strange reason, this amazing magazine is still not available in Spain…. (the video is from one of the previous issues)


Really, too pretty to be true.

The following week, I discovered the Gentlewoman – a”biannual style magazine for a new decade. Featuring inspirational, international women, it pairs ambitious journalism with a sartorial and intelligent perspective on fashion that is focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress.”

Buying it is on top of my to do list.

(the top image from the post is from Lisa Marie Andersson, the creator of the lovely brand Up the Wooden Hills).


Finnally… today I bumped into Tiger Magazine, also a biannual publication, this time on creative contemporary culture, with beauty as a theme.


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